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Piston Compressor

Clean dry air where and when you need it

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Reciprocating CompressorWe also offer lubricated piston, or reciprocating, compressors from 2 to 20 HP, which meet the needs of smaller production facilities, especially those with intermittent compressed air needs. These include long-life belt driven cast iron machines, and also high-grade aluminum alloy units.

The breadth of our oil injected air compressor product offering allows users in almost every industry to take advantage of the world’s leading compressor technology company, Atlas Copco. Their equipment, together with local selection, installation, start-up expertise, and flexible maintenance programs from HTE Compressed Air Solutions allows you to focus your talents on the products that you’ve built your reputation on.

HTE Compressed Air Solutions supplies air compressors and dryers to industrial companies in Kansas, Missouri, and Illinois.
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