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Leak Audit

You can't manage what you don't measure

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Compressed Air Leak Audit EquipThe US Department of Energy has validated what countless air studies have shown, that while most consumers of compressed air think in terms of the cost of the compressor and dryer, plus the annual maintenance costs, those two things together account for only about 24% of the annual cost of generating compressed air. 

          Annual Cost of Compressed Air
          Equipment + Maintenance = 24%
          Electricity                              = 76%.

The expensive part of making compressed air, is the electricity required to run the compressor, and that cost rarely hits the maintenance budget as a discrete line-item.

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If you want to save money, the solution is simple, use less air.  The USDOE and Compressed Air Challenge estimate that 25-30% of all compressed air generated is simply lost to leaks.  You can make an immediate positive impact on your plant operating expenses by finding and plugging those leaks.

At 5 cents per Kwh and 100 PSI plant pressure running 7,000 hours per year, your annual cost of each ¼” hole is $3,997.  If you have 10 of those, you are gaining zero value from $40,000 of your budget.


To find the biggest holes walk a quiet plant, listening for the air hisses.  FIX THEM RIGHT AWAY.  Then, to find the majority of the leaks, use an ultrasonic leak detector like the one pictured in this article.  If you don’t want to do that, call your HTE Compressed Air Solutions sales representative to arrange for our help with the project.


Once the leak plugging project is complete, we should then talk about artificial demand and inappropriate uses of compressed air.  Together, at an average US plant, these two things consume between 15 and 25% of all compressed air generated.

For all your compressed air services needs, HTE Compressed Air Services is available to assist you if you are located in Kansas, Missouri, or Illinois.
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