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Heat of Compression Dryers

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Rotary Drum Dryers

Heat of Compression DryerSingle vessels design heat of compression dryers are called rotary drum dryers. They are for use with oil-free, or oil-less, compressors only. By design, drum dryers consume almost no additional energy, leading to exceptionally low life-long operating costs.

The desiccant is held in a drum which rotates at an extremely low speed – completing only a few revolutions per hour. This way, while about 75% of the drum is actively drying the compressed air, already cooled by the compressor's air aftercooler, and now flowing through the drum, the remaining 25% is being dried out, or regenerated, using very hot air taken directly from the compressor discharge.

Regen Dryer

Regeneration sufficient to achieve very low dew-points is accomplished at no additional cost by harnessing the hot air which is a natural byproduct of the compression process. Unlike conventional desiccant dryers, the rotary drum style dryer is comprised of only the rotating drum and electrical motor. There is no switching valve manifold, or additional moving components. As a result, life-time maintenance costs are very low.

Additionally, the compressed air does not need to be filtered before the dryer, and there is no need for traditional outlet particulate filtration because the drum and active material are bounded.

The rotary drum dryer design generates a comparatively very low pressure drop, using only a small amount of energy as the air travels through the dryer. Additionally, there is no need for a separate cooling cycle.

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